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The Breakaway Multi-use Pouch meshes seamlessly with DT TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels, providing a quick and efficient breakaway solution for certain applications. Ideal for both professional and recreational use, the Breakaway Pouch will hold a variety of gear from first aid to magazines and/or other important and removes easily with just standard velcro hook/loop attachment.  The Breakaway Multi-use Pouch gives you an "essentials" an essentials solution that sets up (and tears down) in the pull of a zipper.  MOLLE web platform compatibility allows easy integration into your DT or MOLLE System products, and a molded zipper grip provides quick and reliable action. Perfect for applications where set up can be done in seconds.  Lined with velcro on both sides, you can secure quick access gear, remove this pouch in seconds and set up your essential gear with nearly no effort. If you need a fast and efficient quick setup pedal board solution for certain applications (whether for convenience, time-savings or sheer laziness), look no further than the Breakaway Multi-use Pouch.


  • MOLLE Breakaway Puch
  • Integrates with TACC-BAGS, pedal board bags, and duffels
  • Lined with velcro on both sides for securing essential, quick access gear
  • Universal web platform compatibility
  • Molded zipper grip



  • Durable all-weather 1200D nylon
  • 7" H, 7" W, 5" D
  • Separated internal pockets
  • YKK® zipper hardware

Tags: Accessory, Guitar, Molle, Pedal, Pouch

Vendor: Diamond Tactical